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 Iron Ore

Vesta International, is a company formed as a joint effort by a team of professionals from Singapore, China, Japan, UAE and India to explore and utilize the huge trade potential offered by the Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle eastern markets. At Vesta International we have done detailed study of these markets viz a vizĀ  the product line ie. Coal, Limestone, Stone Aggregates, etc to tap into the market potential with strategies to leverage it.

We believe that the Indian and Chinese power sectors will see perennial growth to meet the ever increasing demand for power, increasingly depending on a mixed basket of local and imported coal to fire its plants, thereby providing the opportunity for expanding coal trade. Similarly we foresee that production of steel, aluminum and cement in these countries will rise sharply to almost double of today's quantum by year 2020 in response to the demands from infrastructure & housing projects pushing up the demand for various minerals from domestic and international markets thereby providing the opportunity for overseas trade. We sense that the construction industry is reviving from recessionary lull in the Middle East. Qatar is also in the process of establishing themselves in the global trade and Industry, initiating massive, infrastructural & housing projects, in turn for quarry products. There is presently a huge potential for movement of these products to Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait from UAE. The African markets are growing rapidly thus throwing open huge opportunity to trade various essential products, leveraging on our advantage of being based in Dubai the trading hub for various African nations.

We, Vesta International, intend to adopt suitable strategies as Nodal Partners for facilitating supply of quality products at reasonable prices into all these global markets.